A website about a highly misunderstood individual

Crazy Cousin Lance

has a vision of a more loving, safer world

He makes his sacrifice wearing cement shoes

every year on September 5th



Crazy Cousin Lance 

    Mak'n sumpt'n

The tradition of Concrete Galoshes Day was started in the year 2000, the initial idea came from Cousin Steve, but he didn't realize the true power of this day, he has stated that "This is not a fun day!" but I believe it is necessary,


by skipping the years of 2004 and 2005, it has proved to me that the cavalier attitude we had towards this event was wrong and it must be taken seriously,


it has to be understood that this sacrifice of time and comfort is converted to something good that we do not see a monetary gain from, it is true that I live in Palm Beach County and I am protecting my county, but that is it.


Crazy Cousin Lance isn't just about cement overshoes, he likes to be one with nature, and give back when he can, recycling, composting and growing his own vegetables keeps him connected,


he can't afford an electric car yet, but at least he has a vehicle that gets good gas mileage, even his old concrete galoshes don't go to waste, these cement shoes line his flower beds and add a touch of style to the yard.